Sieve cleaner brushes help flour to be cleaned through wire and plastic mesh by moving on the sieves. While doing the cleaning process it is important for the brush to reach the corners of the silk. Because, it increases the machine’s efficiency by reaching to the every corner and prevent accumulation on the sieve. It is a very common problem that brushes get wear off over time. This cause little pieces to break off from the brush and mix with the flour. To  prevent this problem, we are using first class pure polyurethane. With the help of over 60 years experience on milling industry, we produce brushes that have the most optimal designs and the longest service time.


  • Horse or plastic fibers are used.
  • It is economic because of long service time
  • First quality pure polyurethane is used for body injection
  • The materials of brushes have the certificate of being proper to the food and Halal.

Metal Sieves

  • Double Sieve Cleaner with Studs
  • Double Sieve Cleaner with Fiber (natural or nylon)

Wooden Sieves

  • Small Sieve Cleaner with Studs
  • Small Sieve Cleaner with Fiber (natural or nylon)

If your sieve frames or the spaces between sieve bottom and mesh different from recommended dimensions, we can offer you custom solution. Please ask, we will be happy to advise.