Roller brushes have many different areas of usage therefore, they have many varieties in their dimensions, length, fiber type etc. Generally, they are turn in high rotational speed and they are exposed to high pressures. Therefore, durableness is one of the most important features of roller brushes. The brushes that are plastic are amplified by placing steel pipe and shaft inside the plastic body. They are used in sanding, sweeping, cleaning, trimming, dusting, surface calcination, template washing, drum washing and many other areas. It can be used in many different industries such as textile, food, glass, carpet cleaning, ceramic etc. Therefore, they can be produced according to the different purposes and needs. They can be produced in different length, diameter, fiber length and their type, shaft length, shaft diameter can be specifically produced in the needs of our customers.


  • Produced in any length up to 7000mm
  • It is economic because of its long service time
  • It is produced accordingly to desired hardness, flexibility, endurance to heat etc.
  • As demanded it can be produces in different lenght and diameter, fiber length, shaft length and shaft diameter.
  • – It is able to stand high rotational speed since brush is fixed to metal core and shafts.