Abresive brushes used in textile sector for giving the effects of raising and sueding on the physical and mechanical properties of fabric, used in ceramics sector to giving the aging look to the marble, used in metal working area for deburring and it is used in many other sectors. It is important for abrasive brush’s fibers to be homogeneously distributed over the cylinder, in order not to cause any mark on the fiber. Since, the abrasive brush needs to resist to high pressure and heat it becomes deformed easily, to prevent that we are using a unique abrasive fiber. Our brush’s efficiency and the period time of usage is more than standard brushes.


  • The abrasive fibers contain Silicon Carbide (SIC), ceramic and Aluminum Oxide (AO).
  • Produced in any length up to 7000mm
  • It is economic because of its long service time.
  • İstenilen ölçülerde üretilir.
  • As demanded it can be produces in different length and diameter, fiber length, shaft length and shaft diameter.
  • It is able to stand high rotational speed since, brush is fixed to metal core and shafts