Our story started in 1958 with our founder Hikmet Koyuncu. He started to produce brushes with his hands in his house and today Koyuncu became industry leading company in Turkiye and well-known company in the World. This is a short story of craft and tradition transfered from generation to generation.

1953 – 1974

  • Hikmet Koyuncu starts his business life as carpenter at the age of 15. First step of Koyuncu Brush was taken with his friend Mehmet Şehitoğlu, who was producing painting brushes, and they become partner.
  • Beside brush production they established a poultry farm. After 16 years of partnership they leaved their path in agreement, Hikmet Koyuncu to brush production and Mehmet Şehitoğlu to poultry farm.
  • In 60’s manual plastic injection machine is bought for some of the brush types and with this machine Turkiye’s first frame for glasses is produced.
  • Up to these years the brush production was limited with cleaning and painting brushes. Howewer, after Hikmet Koyuncu started to learn about milling industry, the production of purifier brushes, sieve cleaners and roll-cleaning brushes started. From this point Koyuncu started industrial brush production.

1974 – 1986

  • Industrial brush production increases over time in terms of volume and variety. Production of roller brushes for textile industry lead up to buy first semi-automatic machine from Germany.
  • Two son of Hikmet Koyuncu; Ruhi and Hakan joined to company in these years.

1986 – 2006

  • With rapid increase of industrial brush demand, machanisation started to increase with new semi-automatic machines.
  • From these years route map of the company is fixed to technical brush production.
  • Brush variety was about 10 in 60’s and in the beginning of 2000’s it was about 900.

2006 – Nowadays

  • Koyuncu, as industry leading company in Turkiye, started to enter global markets to continue its growth and represent its country globally.
  • Third generation started to join the company in these periods.
  • Koyuncu is making necessary investments for Industry 4.0 and continueing its journey over 60 years of experience to become industry leading company in World under the light of science.